C. W. Henstock & Assoc.  P/L is a Proprietary Limited company with two Principals, one of which, Mr. C. W. Henstock, a Chartered Civil Engineer, is the active Managing Director for the Organisation.  The other Principal is a non-active co-owner of the Company.

The Company was established as a Consulting Engineering Practice in April 1988 in the fields of Civil, Structural, Coastal & Maritime Engineering.  Within these fields of engineering, the Organisation has provided services in investigation, planning, concept design, design and documentation, site supervision, contract administration and project management for clients in the residential, commercial, local government, State Government and Federal Government areas.

The Company has a linear structure, with the Principal Engineer, Mr. C. Henstock, undertaking the overall management role of the Organisation, the review of all design work carried out within the office, the implementation of quality assurance, and the development and implementation of the Company's policy of the provision of high quality sound engineering services.

The Principal is supported by the Engineering Design Manager, Mr. P. Myooran, an NER Chartered Structural and Civil Engineer.  Mr. Myooran is responsible for all structural engineering works undertaken within the Organisation, and for the co-ordination of all CAD services. 

To enable the Organisation to meet the diversified needs of its client base, C. W. Henstock & Assoc.  P/L has an affiliated Company, Specford Pty Ltd, with the same active Chartered Engineering Principal and co-owners.  Specford Pty Ltd., as a Project Management Organisation, is the vehicle under which joint venture activities are undertaken by C. W. Henstock & Assoc.  P/L and other specialist sub-consultants where projects require a multidisciplinary team.  Where a project requires resources and expertise in addition to those permanently available within the Organisation, C. W. Henstock & Assoc.  P/L has developed informal affiliations to provide access to support staff in the fields of surveying, mining engineering, structural engineering, water engineering (hydraulics and hydrology), geotechnical engineering and materials sampling and testing.  The principal firms with which C. W. Henstock & Assoc.  P/L has on informal affiliation are:

The above consultancies have been coordinated through Specford Pty Ltd as multidisciplinary teams, in total or in part, to meet varying client demands in the past, including Wambo Mining Corporation, Defence Estate Organisation, Dept. of Defence and various commercial and private clients in recent years.

In the course of daily operations, C. W. Henstock & Associates is constantly in contact with Local Government Authorities, Department of Conservation & Land Management, Public Works Department, Maritime Services Board.  The company, therefore, has first hand experience in the problems of data collection, submission and interpretation when dealing with land and resource management as related to development projects.